Vision for the Second Capital(「副首都ビジョン」英語概要版)


Vision for the Second Capital  〜Osaka’s Mid- to Long-Term Initiatives toward becoming the Second Capital〜

A summary of the mid-to long-term policies that Osaka Prefecture,the City of Osaka and the City of Sakai will work on together in order to make the region the “Second Capital” of Japan and help it serve as an engine for the growth of the country as the western center.

This vision shows the basic concepts of “the Second Capital that Osaka aspires to become”, strategies to realize them and the future image of Osaka.



This pamphlet has been created based on the “Vision for the Second Capital” compiled by the Second Capital Promotion Bureau. 



  Pamphlet cover



・Vision for the Second Capital   pp.1-2

・1. Basic Concepts for the Second Capital   pp.3-4

・2. Strategies to Establish and Develop the Second CapitalOsaka   pp.5-9

・3. Future Image of Osaka   p.10



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