Forming a “Global Venture Ecosystem” by the Entirety of Osaka



Our goal and outline of efforts -Efforts by the entirety of Osaka-

For the prosperity of Osaka and further development of the Kansai economy, it is essential to encourage entrepreneurs to start up and develop businesses in Osaka rather than other regions in Japan. Up to now, both private and public sectors have supported venture companies in various ways including helping market development and offering technical and financial assistance. 
To further promote the start up of new businesses in Osaka in the future, it is vital for the entirety of Osaka to create a better environment such as assuring opportunities to cooperate with large companies.
For this purpose, we set up the organization named Osaka Council for the Promotion of Venture Ecosystem  on July 26.

This Council is comprised of Kansai Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry, Osaka Prefectural Government, Osaka City Government, Sakai City Government, Kansai Economic Federation, the Osaka Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and Kansai Association of Corporate Executives.
They will work in collaboration to undertake specific initiatives that aim to form Osaka’s Venture Ecosystem, which will help the entirety of Osaka promote venture companies. 

As the first step of our efforts, we have set up a webpage  to distribute comprehensive information compiled by every member organization on their support measures for venture companies and supported venture companies.

List of the support measures

「Below is a list of the support measures (Entrepreneur lounges, Incubation and co-working offices etc.) provided by supporting organizations of the Osaka Venture Ecosystem.

●Entrepreneur Lounges
   ・Below is a list of facilities able to provide you with support and advice about starting a business as well as opportunities to
        communicate with other entrepreneurs.

List [PDF/39KB]   List [Excel/11KB]

●Incubation and co-working offices
   ・Below is a list of facilities able to provide you with support including mentoring, research and development assistance, 
        as well as serving as a base while you start your new business. 

List [PDF/41KB]   List [Excel/12KB]

Startup Ecosystem in Kansai-Region!

Startup Friendly Kansai [PDF/3.84MB]

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