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Special Support Plan

Tax Incentive System for Special Zone for Growing Industries

  • The effective corporate tax rates are reduced to the levels equivalent to those of East Asian countries including China.
  • National government support system is also available.
  • These supports are for new energy or life science companies.


 《Notable Feature

 ○ Battery Strategy Research CenterNew Energy fields

  • Support for business entry to Japan and development of demonstration experiments
  • Arrangement for product introduction, matching support with companies in Osaka, offering information for office spaces

  PMDAPharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency,Japan-WESTLife Science fields

  • Provide guidance and advice on experiments and clinical trials from the early stage of development for practical use of innovative pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
  • GMP Onsite Inspection *
  • The presence of PMDA-WEST(the only domestic branch) can reduce time and costs.

  *GMP Onsite Inspection:Conduct inspection on manufacturing plants in Japan and abroad to see whether or not appropriate product and quality control is
    carried out in the process of manufacturing pharmaceutical products from acceptance of raw materials to packagiing and shipping of final products.

Subsidy for Foreign-affiliated Companies

  • Maximum subsidy of 100 million yen
  • Good for foreign corporations setting up their head office in Osaka

  *Can not be combined with “The Special Zone Tax System”


Free Office is Available up to 6 months

  • Equipment providedInternet, Telephone, Fax, etc.

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Accumulation of World-class Business in Osaka

○ Large market for products and services. (population of Kansai area including Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto equals to that of Taiwan and Australia)

 Good access to Asian major cities

 Support business matching with various SMEs which have highly advanced techniques

 Accumulation of world-class companies

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Optimum Environment of Osaka

 Office rental fee of Osaka is approx. 2/3 of that of Tokyo

 Cheaper living cost in Osaka than that in Tokyo including health care, education and leisure facilities

 Solid infrastructure including energy and telecommunications

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《For All Types of Business》 Full Support is Available

 Support for setting up business

 Living support

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Guide for Osaka as an Attractive Investment Destination

Pamphlet・Leaflet・Website, etc.

Osaka Investment Guide

Guide for general information ranging from the advantages of doing business in Osaka to attractiveness of Osaka area

Subsidy program for foreign-affiliated companies

Guide for outlines of subsidy
For foreign firms setting up a new head office within the prefecture,  Osaka will subsidize up to 100 million yen

Free temporary office spaces

We offer up to 6 months of support.. For further information, please contact IBPC(International Business Promotion Center) Osaka or JETRO Osaka
Facebook in EnglishWe are providing up-to date information on Facebook. Please「LIKE」

Promotion Video

Long version  (16 min 5 sec)

Guide for attractive investment in Osaka featuring interview with entrepreneur

Short version  (2 min)

Guide for Osaka’s  charm in digest

Contents of the long version

1. Opening (22 sec)5. Green (New Energy) fields (2 min 3 sec)
2. An Enormous Market and Economy (2 min 24 sec)6. New Value Creation (3 min)
3. Incentives for investment (4 min10 sec)7. Logistics Network (2 min17 sec)
4. Life Science fields (2 min 2 sec)

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Osaka Prefectural Government
Investment and Growth Support Division
Growth Industry Promotion Office

1-14-16 Nanko-Kita, Suminoe-Ku, Osaka 559-8555 Japan
Phone:+81-6-6210-9503  Facsimile+81-6-6210-9296

We Osaka will propose the most suitable support plan for you in addition to our original support system.
As we have staff who can speak English, please feel free to contact us.

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