Aiming to be a hub for International Medical Exchange

Treat cancer in Rinku Town!

I want to have a medical check up while visiting Japan
on pleasure or business!

Rinku Town is building a system to smoothly provide high-quality medical treatment to visitors from home and abroad who wish to receive it. Also, we support people to renew "spirit" and "body" with "health tour" that promotes people's health.

I am from Shikoku. My kid (dog) is being treated!

Not just for human. To realize a wish of pet owners who want their pet to be treated, we are planning to provide high-quality medical treatment for pets as well.

With an eye to receiving pets from home and abroad, we are going to build a hub for veterinary medicine.

You have become ill suddenly during business trip
to Japan!

Rinku Town as a concierge in Japan, is building a system that people visiting on pleasure or business from other countries can receive high-quality medical treatment in their native language without being worry in case of sudden illness.

What shall I do with my spare time?

Not only for medical interpreter. We are planning to create Rinku "mini tour" for you to enjoy Japan other than medical treatment.

Rinku Town transmits a message to assure safety and security of Japan!

Rinku is going to grow as a special and only medical town that is friendly to Japanese, foreigners, and pets.

Rinku Town has been designated as a "local revitalization comprehensive zone" to create a hub for International Medical Exchange for revitalizing "Rinku Town, Izumisano City area." This is a joint project of national and local governments.
(as of December 22, 2011)

Medical Doctor

Shinichi Hori

Chairman, Rinku Town Council for Promotion of International Medical Exchange

[Town Promotion Department,Housing and Urban Policy Division of Osaka Prefecture]

2F East Wing, Rinku Town station Building,1Rinku-Orai Kita, Izumisano City 598-0048

[Osaka Prefecture Town Management Foundation]

12F Rinku Gate Tower Building, 1 Rinku-Orai Kita, Izumisano City, 598-0048

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