Rinku Town Town Concept

There are various appeals of Osaka from "Kuidaore(means that one can't help but spend it all on food since all the food in Osaka is so delicious)," "Aquapolis," "comedy," to "obachan (elderly women in Osaka are called obachan affectionately)." But, there are more in"Rinku Town," a hot spot to visit!!!

You can feel the ocean nearby while shopping at Rinku Pleasure Town SEACLE and Rinku Premium Outlets, popular places among Kansai people as well as tourists from home and abroad. Also, approach for "International Medical Exchange", the combination of high-quality medical skills gathered in Rinku and tourism, have started.

[Town Promotion Department,Housing and Urban Policy Division of Osaka Prefecture]

2F East Wing, Rinku Town station Building,1Rinku-Orai Kita, Izumisano City 598-0048

[Osaka Prefecture Town Management Foundation]

12F Rinku Gate Tower Building, 1 Rinku-Orai Kita, Izumisano City, 598-0048

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