Cultural Properties


Cultural Properties

Osaka Prefecture contains numerous cultural properties such as 676 Nationally designated tangible cultural properties(60 National Treasures and 616 Important Cultural Properties), 640 Nationally registered cultural properties and 489 Prefectural cultural properties.The Osaka Prefectural Board of Education is engaged in the repair and restoration of buildings and works of art (tangible cultural properties), the preservation and transmission of traditional arts, conservation techniques, and suchlike (intangible cultural properties), the maintenance and opening to the public of historical sites, the maintenance and conservation of places of scenic beauty and natural monuments, in addition to carrying out archeological investigations of buried cultural properties and displaying them to the public mainly in prefectural museums. 

Prefectural facilities displaying cultural properties

Name of facility, location and telephone number.


Yayoi Culture Museum
Izumi City

The Yayoi Culture Museum is Japan’s only museum to specialize in Yayoi culture, the source of Japanese culture.
The “Himiko no yakata” model reconstruction is often shown in textbooks.

Chikatsu-Asuka Museum

The Chikatsu-Asuka Museum focuses on the theme of investigating the formation of the ancient Japanese state and international relations at the time, mainly through the cultural legacy from the Kofun Period to the Asuka Period.

Chikatsu-Asuka Histrical Park
Kanan-cho and Taishi-cho

This historical park preserves the Ichisuka burial mounds, one of Japan’s most famous groups of burial mounds.

These museums actively collaborate with schools, engaging in visiting classes and mini-exhibitions

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