Human Rights Education


Human Rights Education

Protecting the dignity of all people and respecting fundamental human rights are the foundation of a democratic society. Osaka Prefecture is aiming to create a society in which human rights are respected. This will be achieved if we all actively think and act as individuals and engage in a ceaseless effort. Education is irreplaceably essential to this process.

The Osaka Prefectural Board of Education is promoting education on a range of human rights issues including those relating to children, dowa, gender equality, persons with disabilities and foreign residents in Japan, nurturing an awareness and attitude that: 1) tries to protect individuals’own and others’human rights, 2) respects differences in culture and customs, and 3) participates in and contributes to society.

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Osaka Human Rights Museum
(Liberty Osaka)
Naniwa-ku, Osaka City

Liberty Osaka is working on the extension and enlightenment of human rights awareness and the cultivation of humanity and sociality through collection, storage, exhibitions and publications of related materials and cultural assets, as well as surveys and research which is aimed to respect both oneself and others and foster a rich sense of human rights.

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