Health and Physical Education


Health and Physical Education

Physical strength is the starting point for human activity. It is a basic element that contributes significantly not only to maintaining health but also to improving children’s academic ability as well as their motivation and vigor. The Osaka Prefectural Board of Education is working together with schools, families and communities to promote children’s fitness by holding events such as different types of sports tournaments for elementary schools and conducting teachers training for better physical education in order to improve the present situation of reduced opportunities for children to exercise and their declining physical fitness.

As well as providing sports facilities intended to be of use in familiarizing residents with sport and improving their health, the Osaka Prefectural Board of Education also holds events such as the Prefectural Sports Festival and Osaka Municipalities Sports Tournament. Grounds and other sporting facilities of all prefectural senior high schools and most public elementary and junior high schools are available for use by local residents on weekends.

The Osaka Prefectural Board of Education is laying the foundations for maintaining and improving lifelong mental and physical health, both by means of health instruction for children in schools dealing with matters such as preventing infectious disease and combating drug use, in addition to promoting dietary education in schools by working together with families to establish children’s dietary and other basic lifestyle habits in order to promote children’s health and fitness.

You can contact the municipal authorities for details and other queries of how to apply for school grounds and other sporting facilities on weekends.

Prefectural sports facilities

Name of facility, location and telephone number


(Osaka Prefectural Kadoma Sports Center)
Kadoma City

TOWA PHARMACEUTICAL RACTAB DOME has several arenas that can be converted into a pool, floor or skating rink, and hosts a range of international and national sporting events.

EDION Arena Osaka
(Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
Naniwa-ku, Osaka City

EDION Arena Osaka can be used not only for a range of national and international sporting events but also for industrial promotion events such as trade fairs and product exhibitions.

Rinkai Sports Center
Takaishi City

Rinkai Sports Center contains a skating rink that is open all year round and can also be used to practice a range of indoor sports.

Maris Marine Sports Park
(Boat Center)
Takaishi City

The Boat Center has a 1000-meter certified course(B class) and a 2000-meter certified course(C class). It can be used for practice or competition.

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