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Opening of Umekita (2013)


The “Umekita” area is a core base of the “Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone” and the “Designated Urban Renaissance Urgent Redevelopment Area” designated by the national government. Osaka Prefecture, Osaka City, and the business sector have been making concerted efforts to develop this area.

The advanced development zone of the Umekita area, “Grand Front Osaka”, opened in April 26th. “Grand Front Osaka” offers world-standard urban functions including business offices, commercial facilities, a hotel and condominiums. The core of this area is an intellectual creation base or “Knowledge Capital” where business people, researchers, creators and users create “new values” by fusing technology with their creativity.

At the “Knowledge Capital”, Osaka City provides a “venue” and a “mechanism” to create and support projects leading to new products and services by making maximum use of the potential of Osaka and Kansai and attracting people, information and capital from all over the world. To do that, the “Osaka Innovation Hub” is set up as a base within the Knowledge Capital and the following will be implemented;

In order to attract innovative human resources from all over the world to build global business networks, we will hold international innovation conferences, internationally promote Osaka by disseminating information in English and other means, have an exchange between human resources and hold workshops to encourage entrepreneurship of young personnel.

With human resources who can find potential needs, appropriate technologies and ideas across the world (super producers) at the core, we will form a platform for innovation creation and implement a support program for industry-academy partnership projects.

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The second program of the “Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone”was recognized. (2012)


In March, 2012, six prefectures in Kansai received the recognition of the first program of the special zone project, after which the special zone project is being launched full scale. The second program of the special zone project was recognized on July 27, 2012.

The second program of the special zone project consists of 15 projects that utilize tax, private and public financial support measures. Adding these to the first program will add up to * 26 projects that have been recognized.

* The first program of the special zone project : 14 projects
The second program of the special zone project:15 projects
(3 of 15 projects were also recognized in the first program of the special zone project.).


Project cases recognized in the second program of the special zone project in Osaka Prefecture

Tax Support Measures
l  New establishment of the next generation vaccine fundamental research facility (North Osaka District)
l  New establishment of PET drugs  manufacturing facility (North Osaka District)
l  Construction/management of

future-oriented medical checkup center in Umekita Knowledge Capital (Osaka Station surrounding district)

(Private) Financial Support Measures
l  Electric power supply system verification project utilizing various energies including solar power

(Yumeshima/Sakishima districts)

(Public) Financial Support Measures> 
Development of the functions of the Battery Strategy Research Center
 (Yumeshima/Sakishima Districts)
l  Support for smart community verification in the Sakishima district      
(Yumeshima/Sakishima districts)

The Special zone project is steadily expanding. Kansai will produce innovations and industry, academia and government will continue to work together and promote special zones to contribute to the growth of the Japanese economy.


Kansai International Airport to become a “Hub Airport for International Cargo” (2012)

cargo HUB

Based on the growth strategy, Osaka Prefecture has been working to make Kansai International Airport (KIX)a "hub for international cargo”. As part of this effort, in order to expand the international cargo network of KIX, we have been inviting international logistic companies by utilizing the International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone system and airport promotion activities.

FedEx, the world largest international express transportation company, announced its decision to establish its new North Pacific (NPAC) Regional Hub at KIX. This decision was the result of the high regards for the enthusiastic promotion efforts by the Association to Promote the Kansai International Airport Overall Plan, the Japanese Government, and KIX, in addition to the excellent airport features such as convenient location as a gateway to Asian markets, 24-hour operations, abundant space for further development and multiple runways.

The FedEx North Pacific (NPAC) Regional Hub is scheduled to open in around Spring of 2014. The number of FedEx flights to/from KIX is estimated to increase, improving KIX’s function as a logistic base. It is expected that this will have positive impact on Kansai’s global business activities

For more information about “New Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd”, please visit the following home page.


Kansai International Airport (KIX) is moving ahead to become a hub airport for LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) (2012)


In order to make Kansai International Airport (KIX) a “tourist base airport” along with Haneda and Narita Airports in the Tokyo metropolitan area which drives Japan’s tourism and revitalizes the regional economy as a Japan’s gateway, Osaka Prefecture has been making an effort to establish an operation network appropriate for a hub airport through actively attracting LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) etc. in cooperation with Kansai International Airport Co., Ltd., related municipalities and the business sector. As a result of these efforts, lately more LCCs are in operation at KIX than any other airports in Japan and the Japan’s first full-fledged LCC (Peach Aviation Limited) has launched based in KIX. KIX is steadily moving ahead as a hub airport for LCCs.

For more information, please visit the home page of Airport Strategy Office
“The Association to Promote the Kansai International Airport Overall Plan”(Japanese only):


Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategic Special Zone Phase I Plan approved (2012)

life science park

Working with five local governments in the Kansai region, Osaka Prefecture applied for and
received Kansai Innovation Comprehensive Global Strategic Special Zone status last December.
On March 9, the Phase I Special Zone Plan was approved, a step that was necessary
under the Comprehensive Special Zone Act to make the zone eligible for aid in the form of
special tax and regulatory measures.

The approved plan is limited to businesses that will make use of aid such as tax measures from
the national government by this summer, and the Phase I Plan does not incorporate measures
such as the relaxation of regulations proposed by the Kansai region. The group of governments
expects to apply for approval of the Phase II Plan, which will incorporate deregulation along with
special programs on which there has been agreement with the national government, in or after May.
Other measures will be added to the plan as agreement is reached with the national government.
Governments across the Kansai region remain committed to coming together to promote
this special zone program.

For more infomation, please see the following link:
Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone"(Japanese Only)


Initiatives being carried out with Kansai-wide collaboration in order to earn International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zones (ISCSZ) designation (2011)


Conducted by the national government,“International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zones
(ISCSZ)”designation is part of a new packageprogram that recognizes a few regions for
their role in leading growth nationwide and for having competitive superiority among even
other nations. These zones are provided with special treatment in regulation and tax, fiscal
and financial support.

In collaboration with Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture, Kyoto City, Osaka City, and Kobe City,
Osaka Prefecture applied for “Kansai Innovation Comprehensive International Strategy Zone”
designation to the national government on September 30.

With the designation, Kansai aims to build a framework for ongoing innovation in pursuit
of bringing its abundant seeds to fruition in the market. The region willfocus on industries
where it enjoys a strong presence such as medicines, medical equipment, advanced
medical technology, pre-emptive medicine, batteries, and smart communities, and creates
innovation as a driving force ofnational growth.

For more information, please see the following link:
Kansai Innovation International Strategic Comprehensive Special Zone"(Japanese Only)

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