Technologies and Products of Osaka’s Companies Contributing to Water Conservation


Technologies and Products Contributing to Water Conservation

The technical booklet introduces "technologies and products on water conservation" conducted by small and medium companies located in Osaka. We expect to update this booklet accordingly as new information is available (The first edition appeared in September, 2011. The latest edition was conducted in November 2015).

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Wastewater treatment equipment
 Wastewater treatment technology consists of biological treatment and physico-chemical treatment for the most part. Biological treatment includes dipping contactor, contact aeration, rotating disk as well as activated sludge method. Aerator and membrane for separation are in parts of the equipment. Physico-chemical treatment includes coagulation sedimentation, dissolved-air flotation, separation by membrane, filtration/absorption. And then pump system is installed to water supply and drainage in the treatment equipment. 

--- Companies List ---
Kotobuki Kankyoh Kizai Co., Ltd./ Masaki Setsubi Co., Ltd./ SUNACTIS Co., Ltd./ KONDOH-FRP Co., Ltd./ SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMS Co., Ltd./ Hanshin Engineering Co., Ltd./ SENLIGHTS Corporation/ Aqua Tec Saraya Co., Ltd./ Uchimura Co., Ltd./ Elepon E.C.A.P. Corporation/ Sakuragawa Pump Mfg. Co., Ltd./ SAKURA SEISAKUSHO, LTD./ Crea-E Co., Ltd./ TANABE WILLTEC INC/ Kyouei Giken Kogyo Co., Ltd./ TOHKEMY CORPORATION

Sludge treatment equipment
 Sludge treatment technology consists of volume reduction and recycle using sludge generated from wastewater treatment equipment for the most part. Volume reduction includes dehydration equipment such as filter press, screw press, belt press, and recycle includes fermentation equipment, conversion equipment of sludge to fuel.

--- Companies List ---
Kansaikako Co., Ltd./ SEKISUI AQUA SYSTEMS Co., Ltd./ Elepon E.C.A.P. Corporation/ Crea-E Co., Ltd./ TANABE WILLTEC INC/ Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

3  Measuring  equipment
 Measuring technology includes automatic water analyzer and flow meter for grasp on the condition of  wastewater treatment equipment. 

--- Companies List ---
KIMOTO ELECTRIC Co., Ltd./ KANSAI Automation Co., Ltd./ Chuo Electric Works Ltd.

4  Water purification equipment
  Water purification techology includes purification from water resources such as river water, ground water, sea water etc. and reuse of rain water to be supplied to domestic/industry. 

--- Companies List ---
Aqua Tec Saraya Co., Ltd./ SAN-EI Faucet Mfg Co., Ltd./ JTOP Co., Ltd./ TOHKEMY CORPORATION     



- Relevant Technology Information -

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     - Global Environment Centre Foundation

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