We have created a website to help you recieve medical care in Osaka during the G20 Osaka summit 2019.(June 27 to June 30, 2019.)

多言語対応可能な医療機関を探したい / Search for medical institutions that can speak English(Chinese, Korean, Spanish or Portuguese). 

The medical guide which provides basic information is here(PDF).

 ・日本語/Japanese [PDFファイル/1.27MB]

 ・英語/English [PDFファイル/1.1MB]

 ・中国語/Chinense [PDFファイル/1.15MB]

 ・韓国語/Korean [PDFファイル/1.24MB]

 ・スペイン語/Spanish [PDFファイル/1.1MB]

 ・ポルトガル語/Portuguese [PDFファイル/1.1MB]

Please check the website(Hospitals/clinics web sites(This link will open in new window/外部サイトを別ウインドウで開きます).) , if you need to know more in detail about each medical institution, such as business hours and what language each facility can accommodate.

When possible, please contact each medical institution via a front desk clerk or receptionist in your hotel before visiting.

There may be cases where treatment cannot be provided.


救急タグ(R)について / ICE tag

ICE(In Case of Emergency) tag is a pin badge with the logo of the G20 Osaka summit. You can register your medical history, allergy history and medications on this pin badge with NFC.

This pin badge is distributed for free. If you get sick during the summit period and receive medical care, this pin badge can help the doctor to see your condition by reviewing your information stored on the badge.

 Please check this information for details.(click here(This link will open in new window/外部サイトを別ウインドウで開きます).)

 救急タグ/ICE tag leaflet is here.



 【The distribution place of ICE tag】

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The distoribution place of ICE tag


健康医療部 保健医療室医療対策課 救急・災害医療グループ