Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building
  By Train
  ・About 600 meters southeast from Cosmosquare Station, Chuo Subway Line.
  ・There is a direct access through ATC (Asia and Pacific Trade Center) building (about 100 meters from the station) from Trade Center Mae Station, New Tram (Nanko Port Town Line)
  From Sakai City
    Bus service is available from “Sakai Station” and “Sakai Higashi Station”, Nankai Line.
  ・About 100 meters from the “ATC” bus stop, Nankai Bus Nanko Line
  Note : When leaving Sakishima Building, the “Cosmo Tower” bus stop is also available.(about 100 meters). This bus stop is usually skipped when coming to Sakishima.

Floor Chart (Sakishima Building)

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