Toru Hashimoto has been appointed governor of Osaka Prefecture.

Message from the Governor

Hello, my name is Toru Hashimoto and I am governor of Osaka Prefecture.
I grew up in Osaka and truly love Osaka from the bottom of my heart.
I have never allowed myself to forget Osaka’s vitality, kindness and tolerance.
However Osaka is now losing her vitality, luster and sparkling individuality.
Information broadcast from Tokyo paints a consistently negative image of Osaka.
I want to change Osaka. “Laughing children”, “laughing adults”, I want to make Osaka a place filled with smiling faces.
I want to recapture the “uniqueness of Osaka”, a uniqueness which cannot be found anywhere else in Japan.
To achieve this I want to use all the powers I have.
My mind is now filled with these thoughts.
I am young and do not have any government or local government experience.
However, I will use my bold ideas and unparalleled energy to the full and revitalize Osaka, making her into a fascinating place, and I shall work my hardest to undertake reforms to achieve this goal.



March 1988 Graduated from Osaka Prefectural Kitano Senior High School
March 1994 Graduated from School of Political Science and Economics, Waseda University
1994 Passed the bar examination
April 1997 Registered as a lawyer
April 1998 Opened Hashimoto Law Office
February 2008 Appointed Governor of Osaka Prefecture