How to Rent Prefectural Public Housing

Prefectural housing is rental housing for the low income earners. (provided by Osaka Prefecture)
Regarding the General Open Application for Prefectural Housing
  Application for Osaka Prefectural Housing is opened regularly (several times in a year).[ Each time, new brochures are issued and distributed at city halls in Osaka Prefecture Information Plazas for prefectural residents (inside the prefectural tax office), Prefectural Housing Supply Public Corporations, prefectural government annex building and other places. Tenants will be determined by lottery if more households than the allocation apply for certain housing categories.
  <Basic Procedure>
  Basic Procedure
   It is different from other private housing, there are various restrictions to apply depends on the public housing law and Osaka Prefecture Housing Act. Foreign nationals who meet all of the following conditions can apply for prefectural housing. (If you are single and would like to apply, please consult individually.)
Conditions to apply for prefectural housing
  1. Living with or will live with relatives. If you currently live by yourself, you can apply if you will live with your spouse or relatives on the day you move in the prefectural housing.
2. Applicant is living or working in Osaka Prefecture. (Or will work in the Prefecture.)
3. Currently having difficulty finding housing.
4. Earning the income that matches the criteria for application. Prefectural housing is built for people with low incomes and subsidized by the national government. Therefore, law stipulates the earning criteria for tenants.
5. Completed alien registration.
6. Afford to pay rent and management fee.
  (Note) When you move in, guarantors are required.
  (A person earns his/her own living and have earnings as much as applicant.)
Continuous Openings for Application for Prefectural Housing
  About the housing only less applicants applied for than the allocation, application is continuously open for through the year.

- Deposits are equivalent to 3 months rent of the housing you will move in.
- Rent differs depends on a tenant’s monthly salary.
- If you will move in a housing with water supply, sewage treatment facility or elevator, you will be charged management fee to cover the utility and maintenance cost for those functions.
  Inquiry: Promotion G, Housing Management Department, Osaka Prefecture
TEL 06-6944-6825 Mon-Fri 9:00-18:00 (Closed on Sat, Sun and Public Holidays)

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