Osaka Prefecture Medical Service Fee Reduction/ Exemption Scheme


About Medical Payments Reduction/Exemption Scheme
  This scheme offers a medical pay reduction or exemption for people who are unable to afford medical care due to limited finances
* People qualified for fee reduction/exemption
People who are struggling to make medical payments due to limited finances reasons such as low income. (Foreign Nationals are able to use this scheme just as Japanese citizens are.)
* Amount of Reduction
10% of medical fees or more, up to the full amount of fees (differs by medical institution)
* Medical Institutions Participating in this Scheme
As per the chart below
(Note) Application method differs depending on medical institution. Please initially inquire on the fee reduction system to selected medical institutions by telephone before making appointments


Medical Institutes joining Medical Payments Reduction/Exemption Scheme
Institution Name Address Tel
Osaka Gyomeikan Hospital 1-22-12 Kasuga Denaka, Konohana-ward, Osaka City 06-6462-0261
Nissei Hospital 6-3-8 Itachibori, Nishi-ward, Osaka City 06-6543-3581
Osaka Ekisaikai Hospital 2-1-10 Honden, Nishi-ward, Osaka City 06-6581-2881
Saiseikai Izuo Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 3-4-5 Kitamura, Taisho-ward, Osaka City 06-6552-0091
Osaka Police Hospital 10-31 Kitayamacho, Tennoji-ward, Osaka City 06-6771-6051
Shitennoji Hospital 1-4-41 Daido, Tennoji-ward, Osaka City 06-6779-1401
Aizenbashi Hospital 3-1-11 Nihonbashi-higashi, Naniwa-ward , Osaka City 06-6633-2801
Saiseikai Noe Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 2-2-23 Imafuku-higashi, Joto-ward, Osaka City 06-6932-0401
Sumire Hospital 1-20-85 Furuichi, Joto-ward, Osaka City 06-6934-5611
Shion Gakuen Clinic 4-3-9 Karita, Sumiyoshi-ward, Osaka City 06-6607-2220
Tsumori Hospital 3-5-18 Tumori, Nishinari-ward, Osaka City 06-6659-6651
Hospital of Osaka Social Medical Center 1-3-44 Haginochaya, Nishinari-ward, Osaka City 06-6649-0321
Saiseikai Nakatsu Hospital, OsakaPrefecture 2-10-39 Shibata, Kita-ward, Osaka City 06-6372-0333
Asakayama Hospital 3-3-16 Imaike-cho, Sakai-ward, Sakai City 072-229-4882
Mimihara General Hospital 4Cho465, Kyouwa-cho, Sakai-ku, Sakai city 072-241-0501
Mimihara Otori Clinic 5Cho595, Otoriminami-machi, Nishi-ku, Sakai city 072-27-0801
Takei Hospital 1-28-6 Chodo, Higashi-Osaka City 06-6781-0603
Kosaka Hospital 2-7-30 Eiwa, Higashi-Osaka City 06-6722-5151
Terada Manju Hospital 1-48-5 Minamiuemachi, Kishiwada City 0724-22-4466
Saiseikai Suita Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 1-2 Kawazono-cho, Suita City 06-6382-1521
Saiseikai Senri Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 1-1 D-6 Tsukumodai, Suita City 06-6871-0121
Saiseikai Ibaraki Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 1-1-24 Mitsukeyama, Ibaraki City 072-622-8651
Kita Osaka Police Hospital 1-2-2 Muroyama, Ibaraki City 0726-43-6921
Saiseikai Tondabayashi Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 1-3-36 Koyodai, Tondabayashi City 0721-29-1121
Iwata Memorial Clinic 3-14-22 Ao, Matsubara City 072-333-180
Osaka Christianity Social Hall Clinic 525-1 Kamishimagashira, Kadoma City 072-883-0131
Saiseikai Sennan Hospital, Osaka Prefecture 3-7 Minamihama, Rinku, Sennan City 0724-80-5618
Tsuruharahigashi Clinic 1065-3 Turuhara, Izumisano-shi 072-464-4705
Medical & Welfare Foundation
Nishiyodo Hospital
3-5-22 Nozato Nishiyodogawa-ward, Osaka City 06-6472-1141
Medical & Welfare Foundation
Nozato Clinic
3-5-34 Nozato Nishiyodogawa-ward, Osaka City 06-4808-8151
Medical & Welfare Foundation
Himejima Clinic
2-13-20 Himejima Nishiyodogawa-ward, Osaka City 06-6473-5151
Medical & Welfare Foundation
Senboku Clinic
5-5-3 Owada Nishiyodogawa-ward, Osaka City 06-6473-1864
Toyonaka Clinic 1-10-6 Tamai-cho Toyonaka City 06-6841-3531

 In addition to the Medical Payments Reduction / Exemption Scheme, there is the Reduction / Exemption Scheme for the Usage of Nursing Care Homes for the Elderly. This scheme offers a payments reduction or exemption for elderly people who find it difficult to pay for the usage of nursing care homes. Beneficiaries of this scheme must meet stringent conditions, so please inquire with your local municipality office for specifics.

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