Introduction to Osaka


Annual Calendar of Events for Osaka

Osaka bustles with life during seasonal festivals and events.
Some of these events are introduced below by season.

(Picture) Cherry-blossom viewing in the grounds of the Mint


Grand Sumo March Tournament
Fifteen days from early March (at the Osaka Prefectural Gymnasium)
Cherry-blossom season
Early April (Osaka Castle Park, etc.)
Cherry-blossom viewing in the grounds of the Mint
One week or more in the middle of April.
Shoryoue (ancient Japanese court music)
April 22nd (Shitennoji Temple)
Nozaki Mairi (pilgrimage)
From May 1st to 10th (Nozaki Kannon)


Otaue Shinji
June 14th (Sumiyoshi-Taisha Shrine)
Aizome Matsuri (Aizen Festival)
From June 30th to July 2nd (Shoman'in Aizendo)
Tanabata (Star Festival)
July 6th & 7th (Hatamono Shrine)
Tenjin Matsuri Festival
July 24th & 25th (Osaka Tenmangu Shrine and in the vicinity of the Okawa River)
Sakai Grand Evening Fish Market
July 31st (Hamadera Park)
Naniwa Yodogawa Fireworks
Beginning of August (Yodogawa River)
Kamigata Geino Festival in Minami
Mid August (Wahha Kamigata Museum)
Gangara Fire Festival
August 24th (Atago Shrine)
(Picture) Tenjin Matsuri Festival
(Picture) Gangara Fire Festival

(Picture) Danjiri Matsuri Festival
(Picture) Midosuji Parade


Danjiri Matsuri Festival
From September to October (Kishiki Shrine and elsewhere)
Tsukimi Festival
On the day of the harvest moon (Mozu Hachimangu Shrine)
Midosuji Parade
Generally the second Sunday of October (Midosuji Avenue)
Autumn Leaves Viewing
Around November (Minoh and elsewhere)
Shinno Matsuri Festival
November 22nd & 23rd (Sukunahikona Shine)


Sembon Zuki (rice-cakes pounded 1,000 times)
January 2nd & 3rd (Mizumadera Temple)
Toka Ebisu
January 9th to 11th (Imamiyaebisu Shrine and elsewhere)
January 14th (Shitennoji Temple)
Osaka International Ladies Marathon
End of January (Nagai Stadium)
On the eve of the spring equinox (Abiko Kannon and elsewhere)
Plum Blossom Viewing
Early February to early March (Osaka Castle Park, etc.)
Ichiya Kanjo Matsuri Festival
February 20th (Nozato Sumiyoshi Shrine)
(Picture) Toka Ebisu
(Picture) Setsubun

Osaka Tidbits

Business is thriving, so bring out the bamboo!
Toka Ebisu, the god of business at the Ebisu Shrine, attracts multitudes of people every year, all hoping for a successful year in business. This event takes place on January 9th, which is known as Yoi-ebisu, January 10th, which is known as Hon-ebisu, and January 11th, which is known as Nokorifuku. The area bustles with high-spirited voices shouting, "Business is thriving, so bring out the bamboo!" and the young Fukumusume maidens, who are selected every year for the occasion. Now is the time to pray for success in business for the entire year...