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All photographs, illustrations, music, movies, and articles on the Osaka Prefecture website are copyright, protected by Japanese copyright law. Unauthorized usage, reproduction and redistribution of this material are prohibited.

Exemption from liability

Every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the Osaka Prefecture website, but Osaka Prefecture will not be held liable for anything that transpires as a result of using this information. No liability whatsoever will be accepted for any damage, injury or loss that may be suffered as a result of accessing the Osaka Prefecture website.

Universal design

Osaka Prefecture aims for the realization of "universal information design", enabling access to information for all.

The Osaka Prefecture website may be accessed by the elderly, the physically challenged, those unable to easily use a keyboard and mouse, those with a small screen, those with text-only browsers, and others in a variety of other situations. Osaka Prefecture strives to create a website that all people can use freely, simply and at their convenience.

Personal data

In the collection, use, provision and management of personal data, the Osaka Prefecture website abides by those laws regarding the protection of personal data and those regulations of Osaka Prefecture regarding the protection of personal data. All personal data is handled in a manner appropriate to avoiding leakage or loss of that data. Furthermore, the usage of collected personal data is based on the stipulations in the appropriate regulations. The scope of such usage does not go beyond the purpose of that usage, and usage of personal data for anything besides that purpose is prohibited.


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