History, Future Technology and the Flowers of the Season

Osaka Castle
The contrast between the castle and the cherry blossoms represents one of the best portraits of Japanese spring

Located in the center of Osaka, Osaka Castle is beloved as the symbol of Osaka. Its immediate vicinity is maintained as the Osaka Castle Park, a historic park that attracts a number of visitors with seasonal flowers such as plum and cherry. Neighboring areas include an ancient palace site and a business district. There is also a facility that provides hands-on experience of cutting-edge technology, and the whole area is alive with Osaka’s diverse appeal.

Osaka Castle Park:
Important Cultural Assets in Full Bloom of Cherry and Plum Blossoms

Surrounded by a profusion of trees, Osaka Castle Park is over 1.07 million m2 in size. From mid-January to early March, approximately 1,250 plum trees in the plum grove burst into bloom. From late March to early April, approximately 4,000 cherry trees come to full bloom magnificently. The park is one of the top flower-watching spots in all of Japan, attracting a large number of visitors every year in spring.

Upon entering the park, the soaring shape of Osaka Castle Main Tower beckons visitors to the center of the park. Along the way, visitors meet numerous examples of traditional Japanese architectural aesthetics including gates and turrets all over the place.

The castle foundation is assembled from boulders, some of them so astoundingly massive that it is difficult to imagine how they were transported to this place .

A double moat encircles the castle, and the entire area was designated a Special National Historic Site. 13 structures, some of them dating from the 1600's, have been preserved, and all have been designated as Important Cultural Assets.

Panoramic View of Osaka from the Castle Main Tower Experience the Samurai Style

Samurai costume

Souvenir photos of themselves dressed in kabuto (helmets) and Jimbaori (war surcoats) are popular with international visitors as well

The imposing Osaka Castle Main Tower has been rebuilt twice since its completion in 1585, and is currently in its 3rd reconstruction. The interior is now a history museum.

The 8th floor is an observation deck, providing a sweeping view of Osaka's high-rise buildings and residential areas. The exhibition galleries on the 7th floor and below display cultural artifacts such as byobu (folding screens) and Japanese armour. In addition, history of Osaka Castle is introduced through video and dioramas. The museum provides a look at Japanese traditional art as well as history of Osaka.

In addition, the 2nd floor has a “Japanese Warrior Armour Fitting Space” where the visitors can feel a taste of the samurai experience. Replicas of kabuto (helmets) and Jimbaori (war surcoat) worn by commanders with ties to Osaka Castle are available, and visitors can try on the style of their choice (¥300 per person per outfit).

Osaka Castle Museum (Main Tower)

Hours open:9:00AM–5:00PM
(Admission allowed until 4:30PM, extended hours in spring and summer)
Days closed:December 28–January 1
Admission:¥600 adults, free admission for junior high school students and younger
(Group discount applies to groups of 15 or more)

1-1 Osakajo, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi
Phone: +81-6-6941-3044

*All spots have Chinese, English and Korean brochures as well as staff members who can speak English and other languages.
*Please present your passport for student discount


From: Brand-New Osaka vol.3 (2007.3.)

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