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Osaka Blue Note

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New York's Jazz scene is transplanted to here in Osaka. Top performing artists from around the nation and the world give you their enchanting performances night after night. Osaka Blue Note on the B2 floor is an entertainment hall where you can enjoy live Jazz, R&B, and Adult Contemporary (AC), as well as delicious meals. There are about 320 seats here and you can make a booking simply by calling, so you do not have to plan your evening schedule months ahead. The popular Bobby Coldwell will perform here soon, and many other leading musicians will perform one after another. Enjoy a sumptuous evening!

Osaka Blue Note

Performance Time:
 1st Stage on a weekday: open at 5:30PM and starts at 6:30PM.
 2nd Stage on a weekday: open at 8:30PM and starts at 9:30PM.
 1st Stage on a Saturday and national holiday: open at 5PM and starts at 6PM.
 2nd Stage on a Saturday and national holiday: open at 8PM and starts at 9PM.
Days off: Sundays (unless a special performance is scheduled)
Ticket price: Varies depending on the artists.

HERBIS PLAZA ENT B2F, 2-2-22 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi
phone: +81-6-6342-7722

From: Brand-New Osaka vol.1 (2006.11.)

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