Midosuji Avenue celebrated its 70th anniversary this year

Midosuji Avenue

Midosuji Avenue is 4 km long and 44 m wide, and connects Umeda and Namba, the two major entertainment centers of Osaka. Along the avenue lie a variety of business, shopping, restaurant and amusement facilities, which together contribute to the popularity of the Midosuji area. Midosuji Avenue celebrated its 70th anniversary in May 2007 and over recent years, new attractive facilities have opened successively in the vicinity, adding to the appeal of the Midosuji area.

Midosuji area has continued evolution in response to the needs of the times

Midosuji Open Festa

Parade in the Midosuji Open Festa 2007 held in May. (Top)
On this day, Midosuji Avenue was turned into a vehicle-free promenade, where activities to publicize the IAAF World Championships in Athletics Osaka 2007, and various street performances were staged.


Midosuji Avenue is especially beautiful in autumn when ginkgo trees on both sides turn golden yellow.

In May 1937 Midosuji Avenue was completed, with the road width expanded from 6 to 44 m, which was quite unusual in those days. The decision to increase the width of the road was taken by the then Mayor of Osaka who correctly anticipated the future development of Osaka and the dramatic increase of traffic that would follow. The construction was accompanied by the construction of the Osaka Municipal Subway's Midosuji Line, and it took 11 years to complete both projects.

Home to a variety of business and shopping facilities, the Midosuji area has evolved in response to the needs of the times. For example, the area from Hommachi to Shinsaibashi has recently become a new, fashionable shopping district with the successive opening of shops offering world famous brand products.

In the Yodoyabashi area, sophisticated cafes and restaurants are open in buildings dating to the early 20th century, adding to the appeal of the area. The Namba area, known as an excellent place to eat, remains popular among tourists.

The Midosuji area covers a wide variety of interesting locations, where you can try Osaka's unique foods, appreciate beautiful landscape, and enjoy shopping in sophisticated fashion streets.

We will focus on some of these locations in the following pages.

From: Brand-New Osaka vol.5 (2007.7.)

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