A Martial Arts World Champion Feels the Warmth of Osakans

Master Chen Jing is a holder of an impressive array of titles, including first place in the 1997 World Wushu Championships. Eight years have passed since she first set foot in Osaka, and while she has traveled all over Japan as an instructor, she says she “still likes Osaka the best.”

“It's that the people are so friendly. When I first came to Osaka, I was very anxious. But I settled in almost immediately thanks to the fact that everyone around me reached out to me so freely.” Now, she says, she feels as much at home in Osaka as she does in her hometown.

“And all the food in Osaka is excellent! Where I live, the ocean and the mountains are both close by, so I have access to fresh ingredients. On top of that, they're inexpensive and delicious.” She also says she takes Chinese friends to travel destinations like Kyoto, Nara and Kobe. “Access is very good, and they're very easy day trips by train or car. Of course, there are also lots of great places to go in Osaka. There's the aquarium with all the huge tanks, and the shopping for trendy clothes, cosmetics and newest electronics is fun too.”

When she first came to Osaka, she was shocked to see people sleeping on trains with their bags unprotected on the racks above them, but not anymore. “I understand now that's how safe it is here.”

Before wrapping up, Master Chen shared one of her favorite destinations with us: the Inunakiyama Onsen (hot spring), about half an hour by car from the Kansai International Airport. “Despite being so near an ultra-modern airport, it's a full-fledged onsen surrounded by nature, with a very Japanese ambience. You should try for yourself.”


Master Chen Jing

Master Chen Jing was born in Anyang, Henan Province and currently resides in Kumatori-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka Prefecture, where she heads Chen Jing Wushu Tai Chi Association.
Master Chen won first place in the 1997 World Wushu Championships, and is the recipient of the People's Republic of China Sports Council Medal of Honour. She serves as a coach with the Japan Wushu Taijiquan Federation, and is on the coaching staff for the Japan Olympic Committee.

From: Brand-New Osaka vol.1 (2006.11.)